Supanika Ackerman


Sue as a Jumpstart Team Leader

“I interviewed for Jumpstart in 2004, but decided against it because I was the McCarty Hall Event Coordinator. But in 2005, I returned as a Corps member and loved it so much that I returned my Junior & Senior year at UW as a Team Leader.

One of my earliest Jumpstart memories is working at the Beacon Hill site when it was still located in the little yellow church. I remember that even though the space was small, the teachers made it very welcoming. I also remember the teacher showing me part of the “NCLB” testing that she was required to do and that really got me starting on my interest in how assessments are done.

Jumpstart really helped shape where I am today. I started at UW as an International Studies major intending to follow my Father’s career path into the foreign service. But once I started working in the classroom, that’s where I knew I wanted to be. I received the Pearson Teacher Fellowship upon graduation and worked for 4 years at the Lummi Indian Headstart before getting a job teaching preschool at the Chiang Mai International school in Thailand, where I am currently. I also earned my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and would like to eventually go for my Ph.D using preschool curriculum models to help shape elementary, middle, and high school curriculum especially with assessments.”

~Sue Ackerman
Corps member 2005, Team Leader 2006, 2007


  1. Yay Sue!! Sue was an incredible Team Leader! I was a Corps Member under her when I first joined, and later on when I became a teacher I made it a point to always request her for my Jumpstart team. She was and is the best of the best, and Thailand is lucky to have her!

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