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Collaboration partners
We collaborate with company partners on some of our federally funded research projects (e.g., Natl. Inst. Health, Dept. of Defense grants), as well as on independent projects initiated by the companies. All of our corporate partners contribute intellectually to the research. As progress is made, we provide to them detailed reports and plans for future research.
Lateral extension
Often, the technologies we develop have application in other fields outside of prosthetics. We aggresively pursue pilot projects with clinicians in a variety of disciplines to advance those efforts. We seek companies with sufficient capital to fund the research and bring those potential products to market. In exchange, companies receive a royalty-free license.
Companies sometimes seek expertise on projects they are conducting in house, and want to benefit from our many years of research experience. When maintaining corporate ownership of intellectual property is important, companies set up a consulting arrangement with Dr. Sanders through her outside firm, Nicholass LLC. Contact Dr. Sanders at
Test facilities
We operate a cost center in our lab (non-profit) to provide testing services for companies. Currently available test facilities are listed below:
Prosthetic sockets and models - shape quality
• Interface materials - mechanical characterization
• Prosthetic sock - thickness
Please contact Dr. Lisa Norton at the University of Washington Center for Commercialization (, 206-616-6918) to discuss licensing our technologies. A list of issued and pending patents (with links to the publications) is provided below. Patents can also be viewed at the US Patent and Trademark Office website.
• Baker AB and Sanders JE. Structures having coated indentations. Patent 6,558,422 issued May 6, 2003

• Sanders JE. Structures and methods for promoting vascularization. Patent 6,638,520 issued October 28, 2003

• Sanders JE and Neumann T. Bioengineered tissue substitutes. Patent 7,622,299 issued November 24, 2009

• Sanders JE. Medical devices comprising small fiber biomaterials, and methods for use. Patent 7,947,069 issued May 24, 2011

• Mitchell SB and Sanders JE. Method and apparatus for controlled electrospinning. Patent 7,981,353 issued July 19, 2011

• Sanders JE, Severance MR, Myers TR, Turkiyyah G, Sorenson EA, and Lee EL. Computer aided design and manufacturing of trans-tibial prosthetic sockets. Patent application 12/507,560 filed July 24, 2008

• Sanders JE, Myers TR, Harrison DS, Allyn KJ, Lee EL, Abrahamson DC, Beach KW, Zachariah SG. Measurement and use of in-socket residual limb volume change data for prosthetic fitting. Patent application 12/509,934 filed July 27, 2008

• Sanders JE, Sorenson EA, Levine JH, Fergason JR, Lee GS, Zachariah SG, Wang Y-N, Yager P. Assessment of tissue response to stress. Patent application 12/510,115 filed July 27, 2008

• Sanders J, Myers T, Hafner B. Prosthetic limb monitoring system. Patent application filed 12/694,409 filed January 27, 2009
Issued and pending patents