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We enhance prosthetics for people with limb loss through ground breaking research. Our philosophy is to be at the cutting edge of the interface between technology and clinical care. Though an academic research lab, we have a corporate culture of advancing quickly in our research and being highly productive in terms of immediately benefiting clinical care.
What we do...
Innovative Technology
Our research projects typically involve the development of an innovative technique to measure something that has never been measured before. We work closely with practitioners and physicians to identify where physiological or clinical understanding is clouded, and to generate key questions that need answering. We typically build the instruments we design and then quickly start to use them in clinical studies on subject participants.
Knowledge Through Clinical Research
Achieving a seamless transition back and forth between the engineering lab bench and the clinic is a key to our success. Using our early prototypes in clinical studies facilitates new insight and directions that might not be otherwise considered. We are constantly discovering.
Education - Creating Tomorrow's Prosthetic Scientists
Through our research efforts we help create the next generation of prosthetics scientists and researchers that will further advance the field and enhance the quality of life of people with limb loss.
* One-on-one mentoring in both engineering and medicine
* Team approach to research - each member brings unique skills
* Dissemination and thus impact on prosthetics through peer-reviewed publication and web-based videos and lecture materials.
Since 1992, a total of 57 undergraduate students, 18 graduate students, 4 postdoctoral fellows, 2 junior faculty, and 30 research scientists have contributed to the research success of our lab. Students have earned a total of over 40 fellowships.
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