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Prosthetics research is rewarding because we directly impact the quality of life of people with limb loss. Teamwork is a fun and essential component in our field. Our lab group members interact with each other extensively each day. Research subjects visit the lab approximately twice a week.

Research Prosthetists
We are seeking certified prosthetists and prosthetists in training living in the Seattle area to work with our research group on clinical prosthetics research projects. Responsibilities involve collecting subject intake information, assessing prosthetic fit, participating in data collection sessions, and providing clinical perspective on research findings. Our group conducts innovative prosthetic research, specializing in the development of novel measurement devices. Current projects involve use of a portable limb fluid volume monitoring system to identify key factors affecting amputee limb volume fluctuation and to test new technologies for accommodation.

Prosthetists are paid hourly for their time, 1 to 15 hours per week.

Please contact:
Professor Joan Sanders

Launching a career or taking a new direction

New employees, both staff and students, typically come to our lab from a background other than prosthetics. Most new lab members have fewer than five years of work experience, and are starting a new career direction or working in research before going to graduate school.

Unlike most academic research facilities, our lab has an industry-based real-world attitude and culture. We improve clinical care, and we move forward very quickly, almost at a corporate pace. The work is hard but rewarding.

We are currently looking to fill the following positions: