Econ 493

Economy of Modern China
Professor Kar-yiu Wong

Autumn 2017

Econ 493 - Economy of Modern China
Autumn 2017.

Classes: TTh 1:30-3:20, SAV 138


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This course describes the economy of modern China, with a focus on the followings: (a) the main features of the socialist economy; (b) its spectacular growth, why and how; (c) the development of its rural and urban sectors; (d) the government and financial sectors, especially the internationalization of the renminbi; (e) foreign trade and foreign direct investment, inward and outward; and (f) economic integration with other economies, including the one-belt, one-road initiative.

Pre-requisite: Econ 301 (intermediate macroeconomics) or the instructor’s approval.

Syllabus and reading list

Notes on the term papers

References: "Belt and Road" Initiative and Sino-Germany Cooperation; "One-Belt, One-Road", A Growth Model of China;




Naughton, Barry (BN), The Chinese Economy: Transitions and Growth, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007.





References, which cover issues and facts not included in the text, especially more recent developments of the Chinese economy, will be assigned and used later, but there is no need to purchase copies of them.


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