A Leica TCS SP/MP confocal/multiphoton system is available in the Keck Center. Information on multiphoton and confocal microscopy is available on the Leica website at http://www.confocal-microscopy.com

A good description of how 2-photon excitation works is available at http://www.udel.edu/bio/information/facilities/microscopy/multiphoton/

2-photon technology was patented by Winfried Denk, James Strickler and Watt Webb at Cornell. The Cornell website on 2-photon microscopy is at http://www.drbio.cornell.edu

The Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation has a good website for "photon based techniques for live imaging" at http://www.loci.wisc.edu/instrumentation.html

Steve Potters multiphoton reference list http://www.caltech.edu/~pinelab/2-photonRefs.html

Using the Keck Center 2-Photon System:

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