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What Should I Do With My Images?

Images are your data, you worked hard to get them, and they should be kept safe and accessible.

Storing your images on the Keck Center server (Keckstorage) is the best way to manage your files, since you can access the server from any computer within the University. But the server is not for long-term storage (archiving) of your images -- they will be deleted without warning if they have been on the server for more than one year. The best solution is to save them to one of your computers and on a CD or DVD (maybe duplicate disks).

From the Confocals: Click here for instructions.

From the Nikon Upright or Nikon Inverted:

The best option is to save directly to the server. It will appear in the Save As: window of the acquisition programs as "Users on Keckstorage" or "Users on". If saving to the server is too slow (for example when collecting a time series with a short interval between images) then save to the C: drive of the acquisition computer and then transfer to the server. Note: if you drag your files to the server using the right mouse button you will be given the option of "Move Here" as well as "Copy Here" -- if you choose "Move Here" you will save yourself the step of going back to the acquisition computer and deleting the files.

You may also save your images to the C: drive of the acquisition computer and then copy them to a flash drive (you supply) or burn them to a CD. Be sure and leave yourself time for the transfer and delete the files from the C: drive after they have been copied!

From the DeltaVision: Click here for instructions.


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