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Burning Your Data onto CDs or DVDs

These instructions are for creating a CD or DVD with any of the Keck Center PCs

1) Your images should be on the hard drive of the computer you are using to create the CD/DVD or on the Keck Center server, KeckStorage.

2) Put a CD-R (700 MB) or DVD+R (4.7 GB) into the appropriate drive.

3) Open Nero by double-clicking on the Nero StartSmart icon: Nero Icon

Nero dialog

4) If you're using a multi-purpose drive (CD or DVD compatible) there will be buttons in the upper right hand corner of this window to select either CD or DVD. Select the correct one for the disk you're writing to.

5) Select the Data icon, then click "Make Data Disk".

6) If you see the following window, check "Don't display this message again" and click "Continue".

Nero Dialog








Nero dialog

7) If you had already burned data to the disk it will appear in the large field.

8) Click the "Add" button and the Select Files and Folders dialog will appear.











Nero Dialog

9) Navigate to the files or folders you want to put on the CD/DVD, highlight them, and click the "Add" button. The files will appear in the large field of the Nero Express window.

Alternatively, find your files or folders using Windows Explorer and drag them to the large field of the Nero Express window.

Use Windows Explorer and the drag-and-drop method to add files or folders from the server to the CD/DVD.

When are done adding files to the CD/DVD, click the "Finish" button.






Nero Dialog

10) The blue bar at the bottom of the Nero Express window indicates how much of the disk will be taken up with your data. The dashed red line indicates the maximum capacity of the disk.

Keep the total data below the dashed yellow line to help ensure that the disk will function properly.

11) When you are satisfied with the layout of the disk, click the "Next" button.









Nero Dialog

12) Leave the Current recorder at the default setting (it will be different on different computers).

13) Give the disk a unique name if you wish.

14) Leave Writing speed at the default setting (it will be different on different computers).

15) Make sure that Allow files to be added later (multi session disk) is checked if you want to add more data to the disk at a later time.

16) Click the "Burn" button.

17) The software will tell you if the disk was created successfully. Click "OK"


18) Click "Next" and the disk will eject.

19) Click "Exit". If you get the following window:



Nero Dialog

Check "Never show this message again" and click the "No" button.





20) After a few moments the main Nero window will re-open. Click the exit button in the lower right of the window. Nero close


Contact Nathaniel Peters at for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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