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Objectives on the Leica SL Confocal Microscope


The following objectives are on the Leica SL confocal microscope:

10X PL FLUOTAR N.A. 0.30
20X PL FLUOTAR N.A. 0.50
40X PL FL N.A. 0.75 Oil
40X PL APO N.A. 1.25 Oil Immersion
63X PL APO N.A. 1.40 Oil Immersion

100X PL APO N.A. 1.40 Oil Immersion

A 5X FLUAR N.A. 0.25 is also available -- ask Nathaniel to put it on if you want to use it.



All of the oil immersion objectives have a variable aperture. This should be fully open (turned fully clockwise as if you were tightening the objective into it's mount) for maximum resolution and intensity.



Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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