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Objectives on the Nikon Upright Microscope


The following objectives are on the Nikon Upright microscope:

2X Plan N.A. 0.06
4X Plan Fluor N.A. 0.13
10X Plan Fluor N.A. 0.30
20X Plan Apo N.A. 0.75
40X S Fluor N.A. 0.90

60X Plan Apo N.A. 1.40 oil immersion lens

A 1X Plan N.A. 0.04 is also available -- ask Nathaniel to put it on if you want to use it.


The 40X dry objective has a cover slip correction collar. Cover slips vary in thickness with a # 1 1/2 coverslip being nominally .17 mm thick. Adjust the collar for the best image: while looking at the specimen by eye, adjust the collar in small increments, refocusing continuously with the microscope's fine focus. Go for the highest contrast, "sharpest" image -- a small punctate structure should become blurry in an identical fashion as you defocus both above and below the structure.



Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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