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Lasers on the Zeiss META Confocal


The Zeiss Confocal has three lasers:

    1) DPSS laser with a 405 nm line.

    2) Argon ion laser with lines at 458 and 488 nm.

    3) Helium-neon laser with a 543 nm line.

    4) Helium-neon laser with a 633 nm line.

Be sure to check the full excitation and emission spectra of your fluorophores - particularly with multiple labels. Many spectra are available on Molecular Probes' web site at http://www.probes.com

The 405 line excites DAPI, Hoescht, and Alexa405, and Pacific Blue.

The 458 line excites CFP.
The 488 line excites GFP, Alexa 488, Cy2, fluorescein, and Propidium Iodide.
The 543 line excites the RFPs, Alexa 568 and 555, Cy3, Rhodamine, and Propidium Iodide.
The 633 line excites Alexa 633 and 647, Cy5 and ToPro3

When to turn off the lasers:

In the Keck Center, the lasers are turned on as they are used and left on for the rest of the day or scheduled period. The last user of the day turns ALL of the lasers off. Each on/off cycle reduces the life of the laser.

When there is a question, if the lasers won't be used for at least hours, then turn them off.



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