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1) Each laboratory may reserve up to 9 hours per week during normal work hours (9am - 6pm). There is no limit for additional time reserved outside of normal work hours.

2) No restriction to the length of time you may reserve for a single session.

3) Please avoid signing up for the instrument "just in case" you may need it. Repeatedly reserving the instrument and canceling at the last minute may result in your being charged for the time that the instrument was needlessly made unavailable to other users.

4) Try to avoid leaving small (< 2 hour) gaps of unreserved time during normal working hours -- it's hard for many users to take advantage of these small time slots.

If you cancel your reserved time, please delete it from the calendar ASAP so someone else can get onto the microscope.

If you are having trouble getting the time you need on the instrument be sure and let me know! These sign-up policies can be amended to ensure everyone has fair access.

Thanks, Nathaniel.


Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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