Equipment available:

Nikon Diaphot TMD (inverted) microscope can be used just to survey slides with 488, blue (FITC, GFP, Alexa 488) or green (rhodamine, texas red, alexa 543, etc.) excitation.

A MetalTek shutter/filter wheel is directly attached to the microscope. The light source is a xenon lamp. The microscope is not hooked up to a camera or computer.


Nikon Diaphot 200 (inverted) microscope with a Princeton Instrument 1300 X 1030 interline, cooled (-10oC) 12-bit CCD. Pixel size is 6.7 X 6.7 microns. Peak sensitivity is at 500-550 nm.
A Sutter Lambda 10-2 shutter and filter wheel can be fiber optically coupled to the microscope to eliminate vibration. The light source is a xenon lamp. Hoffman Modulation Contrast is available for 10X and 40X.
Programs available are Univeral Imaging's MetaFluor, MetaMorph and Princeton Instrument's WinView.


An upright, Olympus microscope (fixed stage)is available for electrophysiology. The scope has water immersion lenses and DIC.

A Princeton Instruments PentaMax 512EFT cooled (-40oC), frame transfer camera is on this system. Pixel size is 15.7 X 15.7 microns.

A TILL monochromater is used for illumination.

Programs available are Princeton Instrument's WinView and Universal Imaging's MetaFluor.


Roper Scientific (Princeton Instruments and Photometrics) has technical and application notes, glossary, and an encyclopedia available on their website at

Universal Imaging's web site also has useful support information for MetaMorph users:

Chroma has a handbook on basic fluorescence microscopy and filter design: Handbook of Optical Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy by Jay Reichman.

Some of the reference books available in the Keck Center are:

Video Microscopy by Shinya Inoue(1986)

Cell Calcium Vol.11 (1990)

A Practical Guide to the Study of Calcium in Living Cells edited by Richard Nuccitelli (1994)

Video Microscopy edited by Greenfield Sluder and David E. Wolf (1998)

Image Processing Handbook by John C. Russ (1995)

Fluorescent and Luminescent Probes for Biological Activity edited by WT Mason (1999)

VayTek has a comparison of several cameras from various manufacturers on their website at

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