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There has been a rise in the occurrence of people leaving the microscopes and computers in a sub-optimal state. This is an unnecessary annoyance for myself and the other users.

As a reminder of the primary usage policy: The Keck Center is self-service. Consideration for other users and responsible use of the equipment are absolutely essential. Users lacking such consideration will lose their privileges at the Keck Center.

I want everyone to be clear on the consequences of disregarding your fellow Keck Center users or the equipment:

Unauthorized user Three-month loss of Keck Center privileges for whoever “trained” the unauthorized user. If the offender cannot be established the entire lab will lose their privileges.
System left on overnight
(lamp or lasers on)
Charged for the time the system was running.
System left on (or uncovered)
overnight (lamp or lasers off)
$20 fee
Image files left on
acquisition computer
$20 fee
Workspace in need of cleanup
(Clutter, oil, etc.)
$20 fee
Not showing up for scheduled time After 30 min., I’ll put your time up for grabs. No charge the first instance, after that you’ll be charged for the time that the system was left unavailable for other users.

Unauthorized use will be handled directly with the P.I.

For all other problems, the first instance will be handled between the user and me.
Subsequent instances will include the user’s P.I.

Repetitive and habitual problems may result in loss of privileges.

If you find a microscope that has been misused or left on, let me know right away so you won’t be held responsible.

Note that these consequences will be waived for almost any reasonable explanation.

These new policies have been approved by the Physiology & Biophysics and Pharmacology Department Chairs.



Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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