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Image Processing Programs


2 links for ImageJ:

Fiji is a bundled distribution of ImageJ organized around assisting research in life sciences. The website contains extensive links to instructions and tutorials.

McMaster Biophotonics Facility's MBF ImageJ for Microscopy. This package includes the most commonly used plugins for microscopy and has a link to an online manual. Additional tutorials and examples for using ImageJ can be accessed here.


Zeiss Confocal (LSM) Files

Click here to open a new browser window with access to the Zeiss download site. You'll then need to click on "Download Center"; then under "Categories", click on "Laser Scanning Microscopy"; then click on "Imaging Software for LSM". From there you can fill out a form and download Zeiss' Image Examiner.


Leica Confocal Files

Click here to download LCS Lite.



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