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The Keck Center is self-service. Consideration for other users and responsible use of the equipment are absolutely essential. Users lacking such consideration will lose their privileges at the Keck Center.

Only trained users may operate equipment in the Keck Center. Every user must be trained by the Keck Center Manager on each instrument they wish to use. See the Forwarned is Forarmed policy page.

The Keck Center operates as a recharge center. Time on the equipment is recharged monthly.

In consideration of other user's safety, you must inform Nathaniel of any health risks associated with work done in the Center. Live human tissues or primary cultures are not permitted in the Center. Living human cell lines from ATCC that are certified as pathogen free may be used, as can fixed human tissues and primary cultures. A fixation protocol must be submitted to Nathaniel to use the later specimens.

Reservations for using the equipment are made on the sign-up calendar on a first-come, first-served basis. Any restrictions with regard to signing up on an individual instrument will be posted on a web page for that instrument.

Adhere to schedule as closely as possible. Users over 30 minutes late may lose their time on the instrument. Remove your name from the sign-up calendar ASAP if you must cancel, and notify the next person on the schedule if you cancel within 3 hours of your start time. No-shows that keep other users blocked from reserving time may be charged for the time they reserved. See the Forwarned is Forarmed policy page.

Check the calendar when you are done to determine whether to leave the instrument running. If you are the last person signed up for the day and you must cancel, let the previous user or Nathaniel know. Leaving an instrument running over night or over the weekend may result in charges for the time that the instrument was left running. See the Forwarned is Forarmed policy page.

Please note that it is very easy to avoid these penalties -- just let Nathaniel (685-8784) know what's going on (even days afterwards). Most of these sorts of incidents are in the "stuff happens" part of life and no one will get charged for that!

Images should not be stored on the acquisition computers -- any computer interfaced to a camera and/or microscope. Images may be stored on the image analysis computers for up to 3 months and on the Keck Center server (Keckstorage) for up to six months. Users are responsible for backing up their own data -- any images on the acquisition computers or that have been on the other computers for longer than the time limits stated will be deleted without warning.

Clean up after you are done. This includes cleaning objectives, counter tops, covering the microscope and removing all your materials. See the Forwarned is Forarmed policy page.

Please acknowledge the "W.M.Keck Center for Advanced Studies in Neural Signaling" in any publication containing work done in the Center and give Nathaniel a reprint or reference to the publication.



Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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