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Use your university login and password.

Contact me if you have problems or do not have a UW login.

Let me know if you have any problems adding or deleting items. The calendars are:

BioRad confocal
Leica confocal_2P
CCD Olympus
CCD Nikon

Everyone has access to "Computers" which includes all of our off-line analysis computers. Please specify which system you sign up for:

K507B Mac (Volocity, Photoshop and ImageJ)
K507C Mac (Photoshop and ImageJ)
K507C SGI (Deltavision analysis)
K507E PC (Metamorph, Photoshop, Canvas and CD recording)

Select the date and fill in the boxes in the events window. Remember to select the time and am or pm. Remember, 12am=midnight and 12pm=noon. If you sign up from 9am-12am then no one else can sign up for the entire day.

To avoid confusion as to the sign-up time on the calendar: check the box "Draw Border" when signing up for time or change the background color.

Don't sign-up on someone else's log in ... you won't be able to change or cancel the time later.