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Equipment Sign-Up

EQUIPMENT SIGN-UP IS FOR TRAINED USERS ONLY. Contact Nathaniel Peters (5-8784) for training.

Keck Center Policies

Contact Nathaniel to get a code for the keypad to access the outer door to the Keck Center.

Always sign up for equipment, even if usage is light or you're working off-hours.

We often need to know whether to turn off equipment or leave it on.

If you just show up on the weekend and start using the equipment, a user who actually signs up for the time has priority!


Leica SP8X Confocal

Zeiss 510 META Confocal

Leica SL Confocal

Nikon Upright Widefield

Leica Inverted Widefield

Analysis Metamorph

Analysis Multi-dimensional



Contact Nathaniel Peters at ncpeters@uw.edu for additional information. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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