eDGH Courses

The KRTC eDGH Course Survey collects interest in UW eDGH courses as they become available. Using the information gathered from this survey, KRTC will be able to help facilitate site registration for each course and will be able to notify interested participants of regional site availability.

Note, this survey is to collect interest in eDGH courses and does NOT automatically register sites or individuals. Any actual registration will occur through eDGH.

Survey participants contribute to the critical mass of interest necessary to register a site and will receive notification if and when the site is established and available for individual registration!

Site cost will be distributed across the project budgets associated with participants, pending PI approval. If you are not affiliated with any KRTC-related project or PI, please do still complete the survey, and simply enter “N/A” under Project and/or PI.

This survey tool is intended to increase participation in eDGH courses across KRTC and KRTC-affiliates. It will be updated regularly to reflect current course and site availability.

To access the current KRTC eDGH Course Survey:

KRTC eDGH Course Survey

For information on current eDGH course offerings:

Current eDGH Course Offerings

For more information, please visit our FAQs page:


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