Mechanisms and Cofactors of HIV Transmission to Women

Funding:P01-FHCRC 1 P01 AI082976
PI: Julie Overbaugh
Time period: 09/15/2009 – 06/30/2014

In this program project grant, we proposed to examine the mechanisms by which biological cofactors increase susceptibility of women to HIV-1 by specifically examining the role of:  i) pregnancy and the postpartum effects (Project 1);  ii) vaginal flora and specific bacterial infections (Project 2–Co-PI: Susan Graham); and  iii) innate immune factors, including as they relate to hormones and genital tract infections (Project 3);and, iv) mucosal HIV-1 antibodies induced in response to repeated HIV-1 exposure (Project 4).

Dr. Grace John-Stewart  is the Project Leader on Project 1 entitled “Incidence, Timing and Cofactors that Contribute to the High Risk of HIV-1 Infection in Peri and Post Partum Women
Dr. Scott McClelland is the Project Leader on Project 2 entitled Vaginal Health and the Risk of HIV-1 Acquisition in Kenyan Women

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