Missing from care:

Home and clinic-based testing to identify undiagnosed children and adolescents with HIV-infection

Funding: Royalty Research Fund Award, University of Washington

PI: Jennifer Slyker

Time period: 06/03/2013-06/02/2014

This award will establish systems and procedures for improving HIV-1 diagnosis of older children and adolescents with undiagnosed HIV-1 infection in Nairobi, Kenya. The research will evaluate parents and children to determine preference for home- and clinic-based testing, and predictors of test acceptance/non-acceptance. For HIV-infected children, access to care and clinical outcomes will be compared between those identified in home and clinic-based testing at 6 months post-test. In-depth-interviews will be conducted with parents, and a focus group discussion will be held with health care workers to explore individual, social, and structural barriers to pediatric testing, and to design models of pediatric HIV testing that can be scaled up for a larger multi-site study.

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