Protective Cellular Immune Responses in HIV-1-discordant Couples (CAT)

Funding: NIH 1 R01 AI068431

PI: Carey Farquhar

Time period: 9/1/06-8/31/12 (No Cost Extension)

This study will determine whether HIV-1 specific CD8+ T cell and CD4+ T cell responses are associated with the risk of HIV-1 transmission in a cohort of 470 HIV-1 discordant couples followed for 2 years in Nairobi, Kenya.  It will also define correlates of HIV-1 specific cellular immunity in the HIV-1 exposed , uninfected partner by measuring HIV-1 RNA in genital specimens and plasma from the infected partners and examining associations with positive responses. Also known as as the Couples Against Transmission (CAT) study.


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