STI Etiologic Surveillance Among HIV-infected Adults in Care Programs

Funding: U62/CCU024512 CDC/PEPFAR
PI: Subaward to John-Stewart, Singa
Parent Grant PI: Grace John-Stewart.
Time Period: 04/1/09-04/06/12 (No Cost Extension)

The overall goal of this surveillance project is to improve the diagnosis and management of genital infections among HIV –infected persons receiving HIV outpatient care.  In this project, genital infections or reproductive tract infections among HIV-infected persons attending HIV care programs will be diagnosed and appropriately treated. In Kenya and most resource-limited settings, the management of genital infections is based on syndromic approach. It is considered to be the standard of care, because resources needed for appropriate microbe-specific diagnosis, namely specimen collection and lab capacity are often lacking.

Link to study workspace (for those with access) here.

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