Treatment of Helminth Coinfection: Short term effects on HIV-1 disease progression

Funding: Royalty Research Fund 
PI: Grace John-Stewart
Time Period: 8/16/05-8/15/07
Identifying methods to slow disease progression in patients with HIV-1 infection remains a top priority in many regions of the world. In many countries, medications known to slow progression are not readily affordable or available. Many of the individuals living in these countries are also co-infected with a variety of other diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and soil-transmitted helminths. There are data to suggest that infection with these agents may activate the immune system in HIV-1 co-infected individuals and may lead to more rapid HIV disease progression. The study aim was to evaluate the potential impact of treating helminths in HIV-1 seropositive individuals by assessing markers of disease progression and immune activation.

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