University of Washington STI/Topical Microbicide Cooperative Research Center

Funding: NIH/NIAID AI31448
PI: King Holmes
Time period:
7/1/91 – 8/31/10

This Center includes Administrative, Biostatistical, Laboratory Cores and 4 individual projects which address:

1) comparative genomics of clinical C. trachomatis strains;
2) immunogenetic correlates of severity of genital HSV-2;
3) male microbicide safety, acceptance and efficacy against STI; and
4) M. genitalium susceptibility and treatment. 

Dr. Holmes also directs Project 3 Рa phase IIb trial of a topical microbicide use by heterosexual Kenyan men for preventing acquisition of STI/HIV.  The Center also coordinates the national STI TMCRC Developmental Research Program to fund new investigators.

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