HIV-1 and Protective Immunity against Common Childhood Pathogens

Funding:  NIH/NIAID 5K24AI087399-04
PI: Farquhar, Carey
Time Period: 07/01/2010 – 06/30/2015
This career development award will enable Dr. Farquhar to provide mentorship to clinical research trainees focused on HIV-1 and common childhood pathogens. The two studies funded by this proposal are based in Kenya and will 1) compare transplacental and breast milk transfer of maternal antibodies against measles, pneumococcus and rotavirus among HIV-infected women on HIV treatment versus short-course prophylaxis for prevention of mother-child transmission and 2) determine sustainability of immunity against measles among HIV-infected children on antiretrovirals after re-vaccination in a Kenyan HIV care site.

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