Motivation Matters! RCT of theory based SMS to support TASP in high-risk women


Funding: NIH/NIMHR21 MH107217

PI: McClelland

Time Period: 2/2015 – 12/2017

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) provided to HIV-positive individuals can reduce transmission risk by 96%. In this context, identifying new strategies to optimize treatment as prevention (TasP) is a top Fiscal Year 2014 Trans- NIH Research Priority. There are important gaps in our knowledge of how to implement TasP in key populations including female sex workers (FSW). Effective TasP will require higher levels of ART adherence than those achieved in typical treatment programs. We will test the overarching hypothesis that in Kenyan female sex workers (FSWs), a theory-based, individualized, interactive SMS intervention emphasizing motivation to adhere to treatment will significantly reduce the prevalence of detectable plasma HIV RNA 6 months following ART initiation compared to standard care. An important product of this work will be a procedural manual to facilitate future research and implementation. We will also conduct a preliminary cost effectiveness analysis to enable comparison of costs and benefits in relation to other treatment and prevention interventions.




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