Vertical CMV transmission in the setting of maternal HIV-1 infection in Kenya

Funding: NIAID 1K01AI087369-01A1
PI: Jennifer Slyker
Time Period: 07/01/2010-06/30/2015    

This 5-year award will support career development and training activities through coursework, mentorship and research.  The research will utilize specimen repositories from three randomized clinical trials to study interactions between HIV-1 and CMV during infancy.  The aims of the research study are 1) To determine the influence of breastfeeding on infant CMV acquisition 2) To evaluate the impact of maternal HAART on breast milk CMV viral load and vertical CMV transmission and 3) To evaluate the efficacy of maternal valacyclovir therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding to reduce maternal CMV replication and CMV transmission.  

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