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The Krishnan group is an experimental group focused on the structural, magnetic, optical and transport properties of colloidal inorganic nanostructures, hybrid materials, thin films and lithographically patterned heterostructures. Our research occurs at the bio-nano-medical, magneto-electronic, and nano-energy interfaces.
Radiology Today Article published in Radiology Today highlighting the advantages and development of MPI.
Magnetic Materials Congratulations to Wei Zhang for being awarded the prestigious IEEE Magnetics Society Early Career Award! Wei is now an Assistant Professor at Oakland University.
Magnetic Materials New NSF grant on Spin Metamaterials starting 9/1/2016.
Magnetic Materials Professor Krishnan recognized with the Alexander von Humboldt Forschungspreis in Berlin in a ceremony held at Schloss Bellevue on July 7, 2016.
Magnetic Materials Carolyn Shasha has been awarded the NSF Graduate Fellowship for her research project "Toxicological implications of nanotechnology in biomedicine: in vivo studies with quantitative magnetometry."
Magnetic Materials Professor Krishnan explains the physics underlying the innovative biomedical imaging technique — Magnetic Particle Imaging — emphasizing magnetic nanoparticle tracer development, in the following video from Bruker Corporation's Thought Leader Series.
Key patent, "Tuned multifunctional magnetic nanoparticles for biomedicine" issued on Feb 16, 2016.Link to Patent
We congratulate Zheng Li for earning his PhD in December 2015. He is now a haptics engineer at Apple.
We congratulate Hamed Arami for earning his PhD in December 2015. He is now a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University.
Select Recent Publications

Scott J. Kemp, R.M. Ferguson, A.P. Khandhar and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Monodisperse magnetite nanoparticles with near ideal saturation magnetization"

RSC Advances 6, 77452 (2016


Sonu Gandhi, Hamed Arami and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Detection of cancer specific proteases using magnetic relaxation of peptide-conjugated nanoparticles in biological environment”

Nanoletters 16, 3668 (2016)


J.W.M. Bulte, P. Walczak, M. Janowski, K.M. Krishnan, H. Arami, Aleksi Halkola, B. Gleich, and J. Rahmer, “Quantitative 'Hot Spot' Imaging of Transplanted Stem Cells using Superparamagnetic Tracers and Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)”

Tomography 1, 91 (2015)


Saqlain A. Shah, D.B. Reeves, R.M. Ferguson, J.B. Weaver, and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Mixed Néel and Brownian magnetic reversal in superparamagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticles fluid”

Phys. Rev. B 92, 094438 (2015)


Zheng Li, Wei Zhang, and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Large-area patterning of sub-100 nm L10 FePt dots array”

AIP Advances 5, 087165 (2015)


R.M. Ferguson, A.P. Khandhar, H. Arami, E.U. Saritas, L.R. Croft, P.W. Goodwill, A. Halkola, J. Rahmer, J. Borgert, S.M. Conolly and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Magnetic Particle Imaging with Safe, Tailored Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Tracers”

IEEE Trans. Med. Imag.34, 1077 (2015)


Byung-Seok Kwon, Wei Zhang and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Direct release of Bio-compatible Sombrero-shaped Magnetite Nanoparticles via Nanoimprint Lithography”

Advanced Materials – Interfaces, 2, 1400511 (2015)

Select Recent Reviews

Wei Zhang and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Epitaxial exchange-bias systems: from fundamentals to spin-orbitronics”

Materials Science & Engineering – R: Reports 105, 1-20 (2016)


Kannan M. Krishnan, “Biomedical Nanomagnetics: a spin through new possibilities in imaging, diagnostics and therapy”

IEEE Trans. In Mag. 46, 2523-2558 (2010)


Y. Bao, T. Wen, A.C. Samia, A.P. Khandhar, and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Magnetic nanoparticles: Materials engineering and emerging applications in lithography and biomedicine”

Jour. Mater. Sci. 51, 513-553 (2016)


Hamed Arami, Amit Khandhar, Denny Liggitt and Kannan M. Krishnan, “In vivo delivery, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and toxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles”

Chem. Soc. Rev. 44, 8576 (2015)


Wei Zhang and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Epitaxial patterning of thin films: Conventional lithographies and beyond”

Jour. Micromech. & Microeng. 24, 093001 (2014)