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The Krishnan group is an experimental group focused on the structural, magnetic, optical and transport properties of colloidal inorganic nanostructures, hybrid materials, thin films and lithographically patterned heterostructures. Our research occurs at the bio-nano-medical, magneto-electronic, and nano-energy interfaces.
Radiology Today We congratulate Eric Teeman for completing his PhD thesis entitled "Intracellular dynamics of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic particle imaging."
Radiology Today We congratulate Ryan Hufschmid for completing his PhD thesis entitled "Kinetics of iron oxide nanoparticle nucleation, growth, and assembly."

Radiology Today We congratulate Carolyn Shasha for completing her PhD thesis entitled "Nonequilibrium nanoparticle dynamics for the development of Magnetic Particle Imaging."

Radiology Today Article published in Radiology Today highlighting the advantages and development of MPI.
Magnetic Materials Professor Krishnan explains the physics underlying the innovative biomedical imaging technique — Magnetic Particle Imaging — emphasizing magnetic nanoparticle tracer development, in the following video from Bruker Corporation's Thought Leader Series.
Select Recent Publications

Eric Teeman, Carolyn Shasha, James E. Evans & Kannan M. Krishnan. "Intracellular dynamics of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic particle imaging."

Nanoscale 11, 7771–7780 (2019).


Carolyn Shasha, Eric Teeman, Kannan M. Krishnan, Patryk Szwargulski, Tobias Knopp & Martin Möddel. "Discriminating nanoparticle core size using multi-contrast MPI."

Phys. Med. Biol. 64, 074001 (2019).


Vineeth Mohanan Parakkat, Kaichen Xie & Kannan M. Krishnan. "Tunable ground state in heterostructured artificial spin ice with exchange bias."

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Amit P. Khandhar, Gregory J. Wilson, Michael G. Kaul, Johannes Salamon, Caroline Jung & Kannan M. Krishnan. "Evaluating size-dependent relaxivity of PEGylated-USPIOs to develop gadolinium-free T1 contrast agents for vascular imaging."

J. Biomed. Mater. Res. Part A 106, 2440–2447 (2018).


Danielle A. Henckel, Olivia M. Lenz, Kannan M. Krishnan & Brandi M. Cossairt. "Improved HER Catalysis through Facile, Aqueous Electrochemical Activation of Nanoscale WSe 2."

Nano Lett. 18, 2329–2335 (2018).


Elaine Y. Yu, Prashant Chandrasekharan, Ran Berzon, Zhi Wei Tay, Xinyi Y. Zhou, Amit P. Khandhar, R. Matthew Ferguson, Scott J. Kemp, Bo Zheng, Patrick W. Goodwill, Michael F. Wendland, Kannan M. Krishnan, Spencer Behr, Jonathan Carter & Steven M. Conolly. "Magnetic Particle Imaging for Highly Sensitive, Quantitative, and Safe in Vivo Gut Bleed Detection in a Murine Model."

ACS Nano 11, 12067–12076 (2017).


Peter Ludewig, Nadine Gdaniec, Jan Sedlacik, Nils D. Forkert, Patryk Szwargulski, Matthias Graeser, Gerhard Adam, Michael G. Kaul, Kannan M. Krishnan, R. Matthew Ferguson, Amit P. Khandhar, Piotr Walczak, Jens Fiehler, Götz Thomalla, Christian Gerloff, Tobias Knopp & Tim Magnus. "Magnetic Particle Imaging for Real-Time Perfusion Imaging in Acute Stroke."

ACS Nano 11, 10480–10488 (2017).


Select Recent Reviews

Wei Zhang and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Epitaxial exchange-bias systems: from fundamentals to spin-orbitronics”

Materials Science & Engineering – R: Reports 105, 1-20 (2016)


Kannan M. Krishnan, “Biomedical Nanomagnetics: a spin through new possibilities in imaging, diagnostics and therapy”

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Hamed Arami, Amit Khandhar, Denny Liggitt and Kannan M. Krishnan, “In vivo delivery, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and toxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles”

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Wei Zhang and Kannan M. Krishnan, “Epitaxial patterning of thin films: Conventional lithographies and beyond”

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