Krishnan Group Alumni
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Dr. Yuping Bao (Ph.D., 2006)
Reichhold-Shumaker Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Adjunct Faculty of Biological Science
The University of Alabama
Chemical and Biological Engineering,
The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL35487

Dr. Marcela G. Weyhmiller (Ph.D., 2007)
Staff Research Associate II
Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Dr. Xiaosong Ji (Ph.D., 2007)
Senior Engineer, Applied Materials
1101 S Main St. #335, Milpitas, CA, 95035

Dr. Yoonsoo Chun (Ph.D., 2007)
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
P.O. Box 131, Cheongyang, Seoul 130-650, Korea

Dr. Kelli Roberts (Ph.D., 2007)
Postdoctoral associate
Cornell University

Dr. Brad Roberts (Ph.D., 2009)
Technical Assistant
Intellectual Ventures
Seattle WA

Dr. Tianlong Wen (Ph.D., 2010)
Post-doctoral Fellow,
Department of Physics,
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Yi-Cheng Lee (Ph.D., 2011)
Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories
195 Chung Hsing Rd. Sec.4
HsinChu, Taiwan.

Dr. R. M. Ferguson (Ph.D., 2011)
Commercialization Post-doctoral Fellow
University of Washington, Seattle.

Dr. Wei Zhang (Ph.D., 2013)
Post-doctoral Researcher
Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
Materials Science Division

Dr. Amit Khandhar (Ph.D., 2013)
Research Engineer
LodeSpin Labs

Dr. Yu-feng Hou (Ph.D., 2014)
Electronic Design Staff Engineer
Western Digital

Dr. Zheng Li (Ph.D., 2015)
Haptics Engineer
Apple Inc.

Dr. Hamed Arami (Ph.D., 2015)
Postdoctoral Scholar
Stanford University

Dr. Byung Kown (Ph.D., 2016)

Dr. Olivia Lenz (Ph.D., 2016)