Philosophy & Scope

Past Research Groups

Kannan M. Krishnan, Principal Investigator

Krishnan Group: Fall 2007


Krishnan Group: Fall 2006

Back Row - From left to right:
Y. Lee, Prof. S. H. Yoon, X. Ji, K. Griffin, B. Roberts.

Front Row - From left to right:
T. Wen, Prof. C. H. Lai, Prof. K. Krishnan, Y. Chun, M. Ferguson, Dr. A. Pakhomov

M. Gonzales (September 2006)

Krishnan Group: Fall 2005

Back Row:
Dr. A. Pakhomov, T. Wen, S. Mandal, K. Griffin Roberts, B. Roberts, X. Ji
Front Row:
M. Gonzalez, Y. Bao, Prof. K. Krishnan, G. Gardner, Y. Chun. (September 2005)

Krishnan Group: Fall 2003

From left to right:
Dr. A. Pakhomov, K. Griffin, M. Beerman, Y. Bao, J. Kamencik, M. Gonzales, Prof. K. Krishnan, Y. Chun, B. Roberts, Dr. P. Blomqvist, Xiaosong Ji, J. Silvia, Z. Lingley. (September 2003)

Krishnan Group: Fall 2000

From left to right:
Dr. A. Pakhomov, J. Weaver, Prof. S. Y. Jeong, J. Kamencik, Prof. K. Krishnan, Mt. Rainier, H. Sant, Y. Bao, M. Beerman, Dr. P. Blomqvist, J. Silvia, Z. Lingley, Xiaosong Ji. (November 2002)

Krishnan Group: Summer/Fall 2000

Left Column Top to Bottom: Jason Wright, Homan Yuen, Ning Cheng, Greg Kusinski

Right Column Top to Bottom: Olivier Lemaitre, Dr. Kannan Krishnan, Dr. JaePyoung Ahn, Dr. Werner Grogger, Sophie Von Scherpenzeel


Krishnan Group: Summer 1999

Left to Right: Homan Yuen, Dr. Erol Girt, Dr. Egvin Girt, Dr. Honglyoul Ju, Dr. Kannan Krishnan,
Michael Vestel, Dr. Victor F. Puentes, Ning Cheng, Jason Wright, Greg Kusinski

Krishnan Group: Summer 1997

Left to Right: Dr. Mohammed Banaissa, Dr. Honglyoul Ju, Dr. Marilee Brewer, Dr. Karen Verbist,
Dr. Xavier Batlle-Gelabert, Dr. Kannan Krishnan, Ning Cheng

Dr. Kannan Krishnan's Research Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (1989-Present)
Name Year(s) Topic of Research Current Position (if known)
Ahn, J.-P. (a) 1999-2000 Magnetically Acuated Shape Memory Alloy Films KIST, Korea
Benaissa, M (a) 1997-1997 Sm-Co Thin Films U. Strassbourg, France
Brewer, M. A. (c) 1994-1997 Iron Nitrides / Giant Moment/ XMCD / RF Sputtering IBM
Cheng, Ning (b) 1997-2001 Ion Beam Deposition / Epitaxy / Exchange Bias
Cho, Nam-hee (a) 1989-1991 DLC Films / Co-Pt Multilayers / Anisotropy Inha University, Korea
Girt, E. (a) 1998-2000 Fe-Nd-B Alloys / Dilution Effects on Coercivity Seagate Recording Media, USA
Grogger, W. (a) 1999-2001 Energy-filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy FELMI, Technical Univ., Graz, Austria
Ju, H.-L. (a) 1996-1998 CMR / Manganite Thin Films / PLD Yonsei University, Korea
Kusinski, G. (b) 1998-2001 Patterned Media / Ion Beam Modification / Lorentz Microscopy
Lemaitre, O.      
Modak, A. (a) 1995-1996 Sol Gel Synthesis / CMR / Manganite Thin Films Intel
Nguyen, T. (a) 1995-1996 Hard Magnets / Electron Microscopy LLNL
Puntes, V. (a) 1999-2001 Nanostructured Magnets / Chemical Synthesis / Self-Assembly
Salvadori, M.C. (a) 1990-1991 Diamond Thin Films / CVD Growth U. Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sant, H. (f) 2002-2003 Micromagnetic Modeling  
Scherpenzeel, S. V.      
Sohn, H.-C. (a) 1994-1996 Diamond Films / Electron Emission Goldstar, Korea
Thangaraj, N. (a) 1992-1994 Magnetoresistive and Magneto-Optic Materials Seagate Recording Media, USA
Verbist, K. (a) 1997-1998 Micromagnetic Imaging
Weaver, J. (f) 2002-2003 Magnetic Quantum Dot Arrays Deposited on Strain-mediated Templates UC Santa Barbra (grad. student)
Wright, J. D. (b) 1999-2002 Patterned Media / Ion Implantation / Lithography
Yuen, H. B. (d) 1999-2000 Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Stanford University (grad. student)
Zhang, Bing (a) 1991-1992 Magnetic Multilayers / Electron Diffraction

(a) Post Doctoral Fellow, (b) UCB Graduate Student, (c) UCSB Graduate Student, (d) UCB Undergrad Student (e) UW Graduate Student, (f) UW Undergrad Student

Recent Visitors

  • Dr. Xavier Batlle-Gelabert (Dept. of Fundamental Physics, Physics Faculty, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
  • Ass. Prof. Shunsuke Muto (Center for Integrated Research in Science and Engineering, Nagoya University Furo-cho, Nagoya 464-01, Japan)
  • Rei Fernandes (Institute of Mining Research, Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • Prof. S. Manoharan, IIT Kanpur, Dept. of Chemistery, India
  • Prof. Nam-Hee Cho (Dept. of Inorganic Materials Engineering, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea)
  • Prof. F. Hofer, (FELMI, Technical University, Graz, Austria), Feb 1999
  • Asst. Prof. Honglyoul Ju (Dept. of Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea)
  • Dr. Egvin Girt


  • Drs. Othon Monteiro, Ian Brown and S. Anders (AFRD/LBNL)
  • Dr. A. Young (ALS/LBNL)
  • Drs. R.F.C. Farrow and C. Ortiz (IBM, Almaden Research Center)
  • Drs. T. Takeuchi, Y. Hirayama and M. Futamoto (Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan)
  • Dr. P. Panchanathan, Magnaquench Int.
  • Dr. C. Lucas (LBNL)
  • Dr. David Lederman, Univ. of West Virginia
  • Drs. T. Kobayashi and A. Nakanishi (Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan)
  • Drs D. Donnet and Y. Maeda (NTT, Japan)