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Korean 301

Summer Intensive Korean Class

Summer Classes are not recommended for students who are considering a major in Korean. The summer intensive Korean class is best for students who are interested in minoring in Korean, preparing to go to Korea for the month of September, or who will spend the following academic year in Korea on a study abroad program. If you would like to take the summer class, contact the program coordinator in late MAY to request an entry code.

Independent Study (Korean 499) & Audit, S/NS, Incomplete Grade

  • If you are a Korean major and have a faculty member who is interested in working with you, you may request that he/she lead an independent study (Korean 499) for you. When you have a leading faculty member, get a faculty code from the department office and have your professor sign the slip, which is to be submitted to the department. Registration will be processed by a department personnel.
  • In principle, no auditors are allowed in Korean language classes.
  • If you are a graduating senior and have already fulfilled your language requirement for graduation but would like to take Korean for personal reasons, you may be able to take a Korean class out of sequence for an S/NS grade. 2.0 is the passing grade for this option.
  • If you are registered for a course but cannot complete all its requirements the same term, you may request to receive an incomplete grade, if your performance has been in the top 10 % of your class. The unfinished work has to be completed the following quarter, and failing to do so will automatically give you a 0 grade. The I grade will show on your transcript.

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