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What is the database?

The L2L Microarray Database (L2L MDB) is a collection of published microarray data, in the form of a set of lists. Almost every microarray experiment generates lists of genes that are up-regulated or down-regulated under some condition or at some timepoint. We have extracted these lists from selected published works, converted them to standard HUGO gene symbols, and added annotation information. Each list, with its annotations, is represented as a simple flat text file. There are currently 953 such lists in the database, culled from 197 publications.

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Gene Ontology and Other Databases

In addition to the L2L Microarray Database, L2L contains three sets of lists derived from Gene Ontology categories: Biological Process, Cellular Component, and Molecular Function. As with the L2L MDB, each GO sub-category is represented by a text file that contains annotation information and a list of the HUGO symbols of the genes assigned to that sub-category or any of its descendants. You can browse of search these lists below (warning: browsing will create a very large web page that may take some time to load); details about how the GO lists were compiled are also available.

L2L includes three additional sets of lists, derived from the Predicted Human microRNA Targets at microrna.org, the Module Map of Cancer Gene Expression Modules, and protein-protein interactions from Reactome.

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