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in microarray expression data
What's new in July 2007
L2L version 2007.1

Released July 11, 2007

  • Added over 140 new lists to the L2L Microarray Database: there are now 953 lists in total, from 197 publications
  • Released raw source data for L2L microarray database
  • Added a new database derived from Reactome protein-protein and pathway interactions
  • Refreshed all the lists in the database and all other list sets (Gene Ontology, Micro RNA, Expression Modules) from the original data and the latest NCBI gene annotations
  • Refreshed supported microarray platforms with manufacturer's latest probe-sequence associations and NCBI sequence annotations
  • New web-based version of the MammalHom mammalian gene symbol translation tool
  • Updated visual design with underlying modern CSS layout
  • Continued access to prior 2006.2 database and analysis tool

See the revisions page and the changelog for 2007.1 for more details.