Photographs & Films

Here are collections of photographs, newsreels, and films depicting important aspects of the labor history of the Pacific Northwest. Click on an image below to be taken to a special thematic album.

Waterfront Workers Collections
Here are more than 350 images from the private collections of Ronald Magden, ILWU Local 23, Ross Rieder, Lonnie Nelson, and Jean Gundlach.

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National Guard troops use tear gas on picketers in Tacoma during the 1935 timber workers strike (near what is today the University of Washington campus). Universal Newsreel, National Archives. Courtesy Ronald Magden

Films and Newsreel footage
Here are two newsreel clips from Tacoma and Seattle and a short film about the 1934 Longshoreman's strike. Courtesy Ronald Magden.

Filipino Cannery Workers Collections
More than 200 photographs and documents from the Fred and Dorothy Cordova Pinoy Archives, Inland Boatman's Union collection, and Cindy Domingo Collection

Photographs of Hoovervilles in Seattle and Tacoma
Here are dozens of images of shanytowns and of the large Hoovervilles in Seattle and Tacoma.


Seattle General Strike photographs
32 images of the events surrounding the Seattle General Strike of 1919 from Museum of History and Industry and University of Washington Library


Farm Workers Campaigns
144 images of farm workers and union campaigns from the 1930s to the present.

Communist Party Images and Documents
More than 600 photographs, artwork, documents and newspaper articles about the history of communism in the Pacific Northwest.

The Great Depression in Washington State
Hundreds of images from the 1930s