Labor Events Yearbook: 1915

This is a database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Seattle Union Record during 1915. It was researched by Jessica Hutton. Start by reading her labor highlights report. Below that is the database. Click the links to read the articles.

Highlights 1915 by Jessica Hutton

Seattle in 1915 was, according to a history of the city written by Richard Berner and Paul Dorpat, in a “transition from boomtown to maturing city.” [1] In the very first part of the twentieth century, Seattle went through a massive population growth and formally introduced itself to international commerce at the Alaska-Yukon Exhibition in 1909. By 1915, Seattleites were settling down into the rhythm of a city. Yet with the boom came the bust as unemployment rates escalated. The Washington state legislature was controlled by conservatives who passed laws unfriendly to labor, exacerbating the situation. One way to follow these currents is to survey the states' most important labor newspaper, the Seattle Union Record.

The Seattle Union Record was published by the Western Central Labor Union, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL). The weekly newspaper had been founded in1901 and had an impressive circulation. It's editorial position was pro-labor and often pro-socialist but opposed to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). It ran both local and national stories regularly and sometimes even reported on significant international events. The paper usually ran the length of eight pages, and included a page for coal miners, a page for local groups to report on meetings, and a page devoted to union-friendly businesses and to the week’s bowling scores. Midway through the year, “A Page for Women” was introduced and featured fashion and home-keeping advice. An important part of the reporting done was on labor strikes and protests. In 1915, major themes that resonated throughout the reporting of strikes and protests were the bad conditions strikers faced, the steadfastness of union men and women, and contempt for the legislature, authority, and scabs. Major events that warranted coverage over the year included both in-state and national events: the Centralia strike in the early part of the year, the Everett timber workers strike, the King County road workers strikes, and the eastern Ohio coal workers strike that lasted through the first half of 1915.

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2-Jan-15 "Clothing Trades Face Great Strike"
2-Jan-15 "Ladies' Garment Workers Enjoined"
2-Jan-15 "Stockton Labor War is Ended"
2-Jan-15 "Children Made Happy By Gifts"
9-Jan-15 "Centralia Strike Still Holds On"
9-Jan-15 "Matzen Seeks An Injunction"
9-Jan-15 "Strike Settled in Two Tacoma Shops"
16-Jan-15 "Coal Dust"
16-Jan-15 "District Notes"
16-Jan-15 "Council Asked to Call Meeting"
16-Jan-15 "Culinary Crafts of Salt Lake Win"
16-Jan-15 "Publishers Go Back on Pledge"
16-Jan-15 "Strikebreakers Destroy Property"
16-Jan-15 "Striking Mine Workers Want to Purchase Plant"
16-Jan-15 "Support the Ohio Strikers"
16-Jan-15 "The Situation in Eastern Ohio"
23-Jan-15 "District Notes"
23-Jan-15 "Avoid Riding on Harriman Lines"
23-Jan-15 "Centralia Strikers Warmly Welcomed at Labor Gathering"
23-Jan-15 "Metal Polishers Forced to Strike"
23-Jan-15 "To Continue Fight for Eight-Hour Day"
23-Jan-15 "Twenty-two Deputy Sheriffs Held for Shooting Strikers"
23-Jan-15 "Two Years' Strike Brought to End"
23-Jan-15 "Waitresses Put Up Strong Fight"
30-Jan-15 "District Notes"
30-Jan-15 "Centralia Strike"
30-Jan-15 "Council Fights for 8-Hour Law"
30-Jan-15 "Theatrical Unions Fight Blue Laws"
6-Feb-15 "Arizona Miners Win Short Strike"
6-Feb-15 "Attempt to Avoid Strikes for Three Years in Chicago"
6-Feb-15 "Centralia Strikers Will Get Aid From State Labor Unions"
6-Feb-15 "Fight on Woman's Eight-Hour Law"
6-Feb-15 "Interest Would Repeal All Eight-Hour Legislation"
6-Feb-15 "Jersey Solons Will Probe Strike Riot"
6-Feb-15 "Locked-Out Prints Start Own Paper"
6-Feb-15 "Ohio Coal Strike to be Arbitrated"
6-Feb-15 "The Protest From Issaquah"
6-Feb-15 "Write Your Representatives"
13-Feb-15 "Joint Hearing on Eight Hour Law at Olympia"
13-Feb-15 "Centralia Strikers Need Your Help––Watch the Legislature If You Value Your Labor Statues"
13-Feb-15 "State Convention Acts Circular to Members"
13-Feb-15 "Striker Goes Into Business"
20-Feb-15 "The Centralia Strike"
20-Feb-15 "Labor Movement Must Change Its Tactics"
20-Feb-15 "Waitresses Help Centralia Strikers"
20-Feb-15 "The Situation in New Orleans"
27-Feb-15 "Carpenters Local 131"
27-Feb-15 "Timberworkers Settle Strike"
6-Mar-15 "The Centralia Strike"
6-Mar-15 "Fairmont Coal Fields in Grip of Great [S]Trike"
6-Mar-15 "New Orleans Prints Receive Support"
6-Mar-15 "District Notes"
6-Mar-15 "The Scab"
6-Mar-15 "One Day Rest in Seven"
13-Mar-15 "Centralia Strike Comes to an End"
13-Mar-15 "Shingle Manufactures Strike Blow at Everett Workmen––Labor Movement of City Takes Up the Fight"
13-Mar-15 "Barbers Want Shorter Workday"
20-Mar-15 "Longshoremen Locked Out"
20-Mar-15 "Timberworkers Are Optimistic"
20-Mar-15 "Kentucky Coal Strike Is Settled"
20-Mar-15 "Wilson to Tackle Ohio Coal Strike"
27-Mar-15 "Big Protest Mass Meeting"
27-Mar-15 "Appeal for Aid for Colorado"
27-Mar-15 "Strikers Winning in Eastern Ohio"
27-Mar-15 "The Ohio Situation"
27-Mar-15 "Dislike Being Called Scabs"
3-Apr-15 "A Splendid Demonstration"
3-Apr-15 "Timberworkers Strike in Everett"
3-Apr-15 "Aid Needed in Eastern Ohio"
3-Apr-15 "Eastern Ohio Mine Workers Round Out Year of Sacrifice to Win Mine Run System For Which They Have Fought Since '83"
3-Apr-15 "Springfield in Street Car Strike"
10-Apr-15 "Real Slavery on King County Roads"
10-Apr-15 "Timberworkers Asking Aid for Convicted Men"
10-Apr-15 "Waterfront Troubles in City of Tacoma"
10-Apr-15 "Street Car Strike Off"
10-Apr-15 "Longshoremen Raise Boycott"
10-Apr-15 "Strike On in New York State"
17-Apr-15 "Deplorable Conditions of Work on King County Roads"
24-Apr-15 "Everett Mill Men Adopt Colorado Tactics––Tacoma Has Union Revival––New Vice-President in Sixth District––Referendum Campaign Opens"
1-May-15 "Call Strike on McHugh and Brice"
1-May-15 "Mill Owners' Gunmen in Riot"
1-May-15 "Trial of Board Member Lawson the Pivotal Colorado Strike Case"
1-May-15 "Unorganized Wage Slaves are Driven to Rebel"
8-May-15 "Chicago Iron Workers Strike"
8-May-15 "Central Council Protest Against Lawson Verdict"
8-May-15 "Shingle Weavers Find a Way Out"
8-May-15 "Seattle Union Record Wins for Road Slaves"
8-May-15 "Arrest Demanded of Mine Operators in Strike Cases"
15-May-15 "War Is Murder Unions Protest"
15-May-15 N.Y. Unions Favor 'War Strike'"
15-May-15 Editorial: "It Shall Not Be"
15-May-15 "Progress in the Everett Strike"
22-May-15 "The Victory in Eastern Ohio"
22-May-15 "Ladies' Garment Workers Protest Leader's Arrest"
29-May-15 "Echoes of the Island Strike"
29-May-15 "Strike Assessment To Be Discontinued"
5-Jun-15 "Let Seattle Rebuke Her Own Gangsters"
5-Jun-15 "Telegraphers Out in St. Louis"
5-Jun-15 "Zion City Lace Makers Strike"
5-Jun-15 "London Strike Brought to End"
12-Jun-15 "Referendum Is Complete Success"
12-Jun-15 "Denver Thousands Condemn Verdict"
19-Jun-15 "Everett Mill Men Form New Plot"
26-Jun-15 "Plain Talk to Trades Unionists' of Washington"
3-Jul-15 "Fight Against Evasion of the Eight-Hour Law"
10-Jul-15 "Gunmen Cow Mexican Strikers"
10-Jul-15 "Rowdies Attack Union Pickets"
10-Jul-15 "The Truth About the Carpenters' Chicago Strike"
10-Jul-15 "Ohio Miners Are to Assess"
17-Jul-15 "Carpenters of Chicago Victors"
17-Jul-15 "Chicago Carmen Win Their Strike"
17-Jul-15 "Rhode Island Trolley Strike"
17-Jul-15 "Stress of War Duty Brings About Strikes"
24-Jul-15 "Rockefeller Takes His Gunmen East and Murders Men and Children"
7-Aug-15 "Telephone Girls Strike in New York"
7-Aug-15 "Levinson Slave Works Eighty-Four Hours for Twelve Dollar Wage in Seattle, 1915"
14-Aug-15 "Longshoremen May Strike"
21-Aug-15 "Road Workers Again Protest Against Inhuman Conditions on Sunset Highway"
4-Sep-15 "Low Wages in the Navy Yard"
2-Oct-15 "Is a Labor Strike a Crime?"
2-Oct-15 "Protest Any Age Limit Act"
2-Oct-15 "Injunction Is Killed in Ohio"
9-Oct-15 "Machinists Get New Agreement in California"
9-Oct-15 "New York Cloak Makers on Strike"
9-Oct-15 "Metal Trades Are Against Age Limit"
16-Oct-15 "Island Miners' Strike Settled for Time Being"
16-Oct-15 "Road Strikers Get Settlement"
16-Oct-15 "SO. Wellington Miners Strike"
23-Oct-15 "Judge Gilliam Issues Terrifying Injunction"
23-Oct-15 "Governor Hunt of Arizona Refuses to Move Against Men as Big Copper Strike Goes On"
30-Oct-15 "Arizona Managers Refuse Arbitration"
6-Nov-15 "Garment Strike Becomes Bitter"
6-Nov-15 "Judge Admits Right to Picket"
6-Nov-15 "Detroit Labor Wins Its Fight"
13-Nov-15 "Fight On Fox Goods Winning"
20-Nov-15 "Postal Workers Air Grievances"
4-Dec-15 "Another Man Quits Fox Co."
11-Dec-15 "Paterson's Slaves Rebel"
11-Dec-15 "Can't Seem to Give Up Fox Co."
25-Dec-15 "Chicago Tailor Strike Settled"