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-          Richard C. Berner, Seattle 1921-1940 (selected chapters). These chapters provide a good introduction of Depression history and will be useful to anyone looking for a topic or doing research on labor movements, political campaigns, the unemployed movement and economic conditions, among other topics. The chapter endnotes which will lead you to additional sources.


-          Arthur Hillman, “The Unemployed Citizens League of Seattle” (Masters Thesis, University of Washington, 1934)


-          Terry Willis, Unemployed Citizens of Seattle, 1900-1939:  Hulet Wells, Seattle Labor, and the Struggle for Economic Security” (PhD Dissertation, 1997)


-          John Hogan, “The Decline of Self-Help and the Growth of Radicalism Among Seattle’s Organized Unemployed” (MA Thesis, 1934)


-          Jessie Jackson, “The Story of Seattle’s Hooverville,” in Schmid, Social Trends in Seattle (1944). Jackson was the self-proclaimed “mayor of Hooverville.” In this 1944 article, he gives a first-hand account of one of Seattle’s largest Hoovervilles.


-          Donald Francis Roy, Hooverville:  A Study of a Community of Homeless Men in Seattle” (MA Thesis, 1935)


-          -      Robert Pitts, “Organized Labor and the Negro in Seattle” (MA Thesis, 1941)


-          William Mullins, “San Francisco and Seattle during the Hoover Years of the Depression, 1929-1933” (PhD Dissertation, 1975)


-          Jonathan Dembo, Unions and Politics in Washington State 1885-1935 (1983)


-          Quintard Taylor, The Forging of a Black Community:  Seattle’s Central District from 1870 through the Civil Rights Movement (1994), chapters 4-5.


-     Dorothy Fujita-Rony, American Workers, Colonial Power: Philippine Seattle and the Transpacific  West, 1919-1941 (2003), chapter 4.



-          Eugene Dennett, Agitprop:  The Life of an American Working-Class Radical (available in Suzzallo general stacks and as an ebook through UW library website.


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Philippine-American Chronicle, 1935-1936 by Rache Stotts-Johnson