Black Panther Party Offices and Sites

This map shows BPP offices, facilities, and the location of key events, combining historic images with google street views of the locations today. As part of its 1970 investigation of the Seattle chapter of the BPP, Congressional investigators for the Committee on Internal Security Hearings secured photographs of buildings that the Panthers used as offices or as Breakfast Centers where they served hot meals to children. Click to see photos on the map. They are also reproduced below the map. Here is more about the Seattle Black Panther Party.

Committee on Internal Security photos of BPP offices and breakfast program centers

First Headquarters: 1127 1/2 34th Ave.

Second headquarters: 173 20th Ave.

Breakfast Center: Madrona Community Presbyterian Church, 832 32nd Ave

Breakfast Center: 7001 35th Ave S.

Breakfast Center: 2103 S. Atlantic St.

Breakfast Center: High Point Community Church, 6558 35th Ave. SW

There is much more on our companion project: Seattle Black Panther Party History and Memory Project.

Maps: Arianne Hermida