The 1919 Seattle General Strike
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Excerpt from Witness to the Revolution courtesy Stourwater. Trouble playing the video? Click here for Streaming Windows Video.
This excerpt from Witness to Revolution: The Story of Anna Louis Strong contains original film footage from 1919, the only known footage of the strike. Produced and directed by Lucy Ostrander and used here with her permission, the excerpt is part of an award-winning documentary film biography of Anna Louise Strong, Seattle's most famous radical.
Witness to the Revolution

Witness to Revolution is a 27 minute film about author and activist Anna Louise Strong (1885-1970) who, as a partisan reporter, covered the major political revolutions of the 20th century - Russia, Spain and China. Here is the full video online. For more information about Lucy Ostrander's documentary and how to purchase a DVD see the Witness to Revolution website.

“Witness to Revolution is a superb story…it’s an excellent summing-up of a long and influential career, focusing mostly on Strong’s beginnings in Seattle and her reporting on the Seattle General Strike in 1919 and the Everett Massacre…Ostrander creates a sense of Seattle’s radical past that makes it easy to understand why this state was once known as “the soviet of Washington.”” -John Hart

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