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Reviews of Helping Software Engineer's Assess Ease of Change:

  • Scott Brandon McDonald

    As an end user of software applications, it is easy to forget the complexities that are involved in the creation of them, but Vibha's presentation provided excellent insight into the software development process. I also appreciated her work on reducing the gender gap in the computer sciences. I was most amused with the story about the girl who blamed computers for WMDs. I'm still laughing about the WMDs with pinpoint accuracy. On a more serious note, though, it is important to help eliminate stereotypes like these.

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  • Rosanne Weiling Chien

    There are rules everywhere, and definitely, there are several that revolve around computers and software programming. But as always, people do not like following rules and break them sometimes as a way to better express and display their creativity. Of course, sometimes just following the policies can be difficult because there are just too many. Yet, rules are there for a reason: to prevent future problems. Thus, this idea of "design snippets" can prove to be a beneficial tool and a great step in software evolution. By using this tool, the programmer can benefit in numerous ways: just by better understanding their program and the codes that they use to better develop and maintain the work.

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  • Ethan Hilleary Whitesell

    I'll say it right now, I know nothing of computer software engineering. The idea of design software seems like a very difficult and long process. The word "code" just scares me. However, I found the presentation on her research to be very relevant to what she does. Even though I know nothing of designing software, I understood the problems inherent in program/software design. The idea of "snippets" as peices of information and analysis to help the programmer that pop up while assessing a mess of code would be very helpful. Also, the work she is doing with children to help introduce them to computers is great. All I can remeber of computers as a kid was playing "The Oregon Trail" and typing essay on a black screen where the letter were green.

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  • John Christopher Mayfield

    I have next to no programming experience. Basically I took one class in high school which taught me just enough pascal to do basic database stuff, and program little games where you had to navigate your little asterisk away from the evil "x"s. So when someone says something like "Y is obtained from a cast operation on a local"...I'm lost. But I still think I get the gist of what you're trying to do, and I think it's a good idea.

    A program that provides the programmer with an evaluation of the structure and flexibility of their program as it is being coded would be a great tool. Is a great tool, I suppose. It looked like it was pretty much up and running.

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  • John Hilgeman

    I found Vibha to be very energetic, engaging, and easy to listen to. I feel that 90% of her discussion went right over my head by I didn't mind listening. I feel that her idea for snippets is interesting though I have no experience in the field and am not fully sure if there is a demand for such a thing. Generally speaking, it may be helpful to have some kind of pop up rule reminder for design processes.

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  • Diana P Ayala

    I like the idea of her research, of how she is to reach to the community specially the children and teach them about computers, and the fact its okay for woman to be part of Computer Science Engineering.

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  • Eithon Michael Cadag

    Really cool talk. As someone who works with software design a lot, I appreciate someone trying to incorporate proper design elements within an IDE.

    Proper design is surprisingly extremely hard to adhere to, most especially when there are deadlines and changing demands to a project. What would be really neat would be an IDE that could suggest possible idioms to a design problem. It would be nice to start writing code, the IDE recognizes that maybe your doing something that could be solved using a singleton idiom, and suggest that to you and tell you where/how to implement it.

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