Department of Laboratory Medicine

Immunology Division


The Clinical Immunology Laboratory at the University of Washington offers a wide range of assays to aid in the diagnosis, management, and monitoring of problems associated with immunological disorders. In addition, the laboratory is involved in research and development of diagnostic tests and their clinical application in the field of immunology.


The technical staff at the Clinical Immunology Laboratory are certified medical laboratory scientists with years of clinical and research laboratory experience in immunology. This expertise is complemented by the faculty directors, Dr. Mark Wener , who are actively involved with the clinical interpretation of laboratory results, consultation to individual clinicians, and with the on-going research in the laboratory.


Departmental laboratories are accredited by the College of American Pathologists, are CLIA exempt, and participate in formal proficiency programs of the CAP.

Laboratory Result

All results are mailed, transmitted to our remote on-site printers, or delivered by our courier depending on the client location. If requested, we will call the results as soon as the determinations are complete.

Specimen Transport Service

Courier service is provided in the greater Seattle, Everett, Bellingham, Bellevue, Tacoma and Olympia areas including Sea-Tac Airport and the Greyhound Bus Terminal on weekdays. Please contact the Community Services at 206.520.4600 for more information and assistance in determining the best means of specimen transportation.


Community Services provides mailing containers and supplies at no charge.

Patient Billing

We will bill the patients directly if so requested. There is no additional charge for this service.

Please contact Reference Laboratory Services for a complete directory of laboratory services/ordering information.


Since its inception, the Clinical Immunology laboratory at the University of Washington has steadily expanded its services in order to keep pace with technologic advances and the growing importance of immunological tests for a wide variety of disease states. To achieve our goal of providing reliable, clinically useful tests, the lab devotes a portion of its resources to research and the development, testing, and evaluation of new assays. Suggestions for improving the clinical usefulness of the laboratory are welcomed.




Last updated: 7/11/11