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Genetics and Solid Tumor Diagnostic Testing


UW-OncoPlex™ Cancer Gene Panel Featured at SCCA & UW Medicine Precision Medicine

UW-OncoPlex™ is a multiplexed gene sequencing panel that detects mutations in tumor tissue in 194 cancer-related genes for cancer treatment, prognosis, and diagnosis.
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The clinical laboratory offers DNA-based testing for a variety of disorders. For further information on testing, please consult the following links:

Test Requisition

Specimen requirements:

  • Blood: 5 ml with EDTA anticoagulant (purple top tube)
  • Tissue: see individual test requirements
  • Prenatal or other sample types: contact laboratory

BROCA and ColoSeq™ Forms

Contact information:

Laboratory Accreditation and Licensure:

Last updated 08/24/2016

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