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Specimen Procurement Division

The Specimen Procurement Division provides pre- and post-analytical clinical laboratory support for UW Medical Center - Montlake, UW Medical Center - Northwest, Harborview Medical Center plus four ambulatory care clinic sites. Each medical center has a Phlebotomy Services operation that supports inpatients with variable outpatient hours according to the local needs. Specimen Processing Services operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at each medical center location. Courier Services provides specialized sample transport for clients between sites of collection and the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology. Client Support Services provides 24/7 pre- and post-analytical customer support as a call center operation. Research Testing Services coordinates research-related activities performed by the department.

Head of Specimen Procurement
Daniel D. Bankson, PhD, MBA, DABCC, FAACC []

Specimen Procurement Faculty

  • Daniel Bankson, PhD, MBA (Director, Specimen Processing Services)
  • David Chou, MD (Director, Phlebotomy Services)
  • Chihiro Morishima, MD (Director, Research Testing Services)

Specimen Procurement Division Operational Links

Specimen Processing Services

  • UW Medical Center - Montlake, Specimen Processing Services

  • 1959 NE Pacific Street, Room NW220
  • Seattle, WA 98195
  • Tel: (206) 598-6224
  • 24 hours

  • UW Medical Center - Northwest, Specimen Processing Services

  • 1550 N 115th Street, Room A256
  • Seattle, WA 98133
  • Tel: (206) 668-1344
  • 24 hours

  • Harborview Medical Center, Specimen Processing Services

  • 325 9th Avenue., Room GWH-47
  • Seattle, WA 98104
  • Tel: (206) 744-3451
  • 24 hours


  • Deborah Bell: UW Medical Center - Montlake, Manager Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing Services []
  • Marivic Sanchez: UW Medical Center - Northwest, Day Shift Supervisor Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing Services []
  • Ryan Spaeth: UW Medical Center - Northwest, Evening/Night Shift Supervisor Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing Services []
  • LaToyce Lindsey: Harborview Medical Center, Manager Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing Services []

Last updated: 01/14/2021