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Meghan Delaney, DO, MPH

Associate Professor, Laboratory Medicine
University of Washington
Medical Director, Transfusion Services, Seattle Children's Hospital
Medical Director, Immunohematology & Red Cell Genomics Reference Laboratory, Bloodworks NW
Medical Director, Apheresis, Bloodworks NW

Mailing Address:

Bloodworks NW
921 Terry Avenue, Box 359190
Seattle, WA 98104

University Address:

Department of Laboratory Medicine
University of Washington
Box 359190
Seattle, WA 98195 9190 

Tel: (206) 689‑6510
Fax: (206) 292‑4442


  • M.P.H, University of Washington, 2010
  • Diplomat, Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking, American Board of Pathology, 2008
  • Diplomat, Clinical Pathology, American Board of Pathology, 2007
  • D.O., University of New England, 2004
  • B.S., University of Vermont, 1998


Meghan Delaney is the Medical Director for the Immunohematology and Red Cell Genomics Reference Laboratory that focuses on patient testing for those whose blood is difficult to match, such as sickle cell disease patients, and obstetrical patients with fetal incompatibility. Dr. Delaney also focuses on pediatric transfusion medicine and apheresis at Seattle Children's Hospital as the Transfusion Services Medical Director. As a continued interest, she focuses on transfusion improvement and medical education in developing nations by leading courses and sustainable technology development. She has published many scientific articles and book chapters about blood transfusion and apheresis. She also serves as the chair of the AABB's Molecular Accreditation Committee, on the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Transfusion Medicine Resource Committee, is an Associate Program Director for the Pathology Residence Program, and is on the editorial board of Transfusion.


  • American Association of Blood Banks
  • American Society for Apheresis
  • American Society for Clinical Pathology
  • American Society of Hematology
  • College of American Pathologists
  • International Society of Blood Transfusion


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  2. Steiner ME, Ness PM, Assmann SF, Triulzi DJ, Sloan SR, Delaney M, Granger S, Bennett‑Guerrero E, Blajchman MA, Scavo V, Carson JL, Levy JH, Whitman G, D'Andrea P, Pulkrabek S, Ortel TL, Bornikova L, Raife T, Puca KE, Kaufman RM, Nuttall GA, Young PP, Youssef S, Engelman R, Greilich PE, Miles R, Josephson CD, Bracey A, Cooke R, McCullough J, Hunsaker R, Uhl L, McFarland JG, Park Y, Cushing MM, Klodell, KR, Roberts PR, Dyke C, Hod EA, Stowell CP. Effects of Red Cell Storage Duration in Cardiac Surgery Patients, New England Journal of Medicine. 2015 Apr 9;372(15):1419‑29.
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Books (Contributor)

  1. AABB Technical Manual, 18th edition. Editor Mark K. Fung. Chapter: Perinatal Issues in Transfusion Practice. Melanie S. Kennedy, Meghan Delaney, Scott Scrape. AABB Press, 2014.
  2. Blood Transfusion Therapy: A Physician's Handbook, 11th edition. Editors: N Bandarenko, K King. Chapter: Therapeutic Apheresis. Meghan Delaney. AABB Press, in press 2014.
  3. Therapeutic Apheresis: A Physician's Handbook, 4th edition. Editor: Jeffrey L Winters. Chapter: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange. Meghan Delaney & Joseph Kiss. AABB Press, 2013.
  4. Consultative Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Editors: Craig S. Kitchens, MD, Craig M. Kessler, MD, Barbara A. Konkle, MD. Chapter: Therapeutic Apheresis - Applications for Hemorrhagic & Thrombotic Disorders. Meghan Delaney & Michael Linenberger. Elsevier, May, 2013.
  5. Textbook of Clinical Pediatrics, 2nd edition. Editor A Elzouki, Chapter: Transfusion of Blood Products. Trisha Wong & Meghan Delaney. Springer, 2010, in press.

Last updated: 10/06/2015

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