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Tuofu Zhu, MD, PhD

photo Dr. Tuofu Zhu

Associate Professor;
Principle Scientific Director, China Program,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Contact Information

University of Washington
Department of Laboratory Medicine, NW120
Box 358070
1959 Pacific St.
Seattle, WA 98195-7110
Tel: 206.732.6079
Fax: 206.732.6109

Personal Biography

Dr. Zhu has devoted 20 years to the laboratory and clinical research fields of infectious diseases, and has extensive research experience in HIV-1 virology, genetics, biology and clinical studies. Dr. Zhu published his first HIV paper on Science in 1993, demonstrating for the first time that HIV-1 strains successfully transmitted from person to person should be the target of HIV-1 vaccines. Dr. Zhu also discovered the oldest HIV-1 in the world in a sample from Africa in 1959, which had important implications for the origin of HIV-1 (published on Nature in 1998). In the past years, Dr. Zhu's laboratory has discovered a novel group of people who can control HIV-1 at levels below the detection limit of routine assays. These people with low level HIV-1 remain healthy and protect new infection, thus representing the most relevant human models for HIV vaccine study. Since 2004, Dr. Zhu and his colleagues at UW have been establishing collaborative network in China focusing on HIV-1 virology, human genetics of HIV-1 infection, anti-HIV therapy and vaccine development, as well as clinical research on cancers.

Education and Training

  • New York University School of Medicine, New York, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1991-1995
  • Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, China, MS, PhD, 1986-1991
  • Jiangxi Medical College, China. BS in Medicine (MD equivalent), 1979-1984

Research Interests

  • Minimal Levels of HIV-1 Infection o Human Genes and Related Polymorphysims that Affect HIV Infection and Disease Progression
  • Roles of Monocytes/Macrophages in HIV-1 Infection
  • Control of SIV Infection at Extremely Low Levels in vivo

Current Research

  • Clinical Evaluation of Biomarkers for Diagnostics of Infections and Cancers
  • Viral Biomarkers for Acute HIV-1 Infection

Selected Publications

  1. M. E. Curlin, R. Zioni, S.E. Hawes, Y. Liu, W. Deng, G.S. Gottlieb, T. Zhu, J. I. Mullins. HIV-1 Envelope Subregion Length Variation During Disease Progression, PLoS Pathogens 6 (12), e1001228, 2010.
  2. Y. Liu, A. Woodward, H. Zhu, T. Andrus, J. McNevin, J. Lee, J.I. Mullins, L. Corey, M. J. McElrath, T. Zhu*. Preinfection human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes failed to prevent HIV type 1 infection from strains genetically unrelated to viruses in long-term exposed partners, Journal of Virology. 83: 10821-9, 2009.
  3. . F. He, Y. Zeng, X. Wu, Y. Ji, X. He, T. Andrus, T. Zhu, T. Wang. Endogenous HIV-1 Vpr-mediated apoptosis and proteome alteration of human T-cell leukemia virus-1 transformed C8166 cells, Apoptosis. 14: 1212-26, 2009.
  4. G. Zhao, T. Feng, H. Wang, J. Zhao, X. Wang, X. Wang, Y. Ke, B. Zhou, T. Zhu. Analysis of genetic polymorphisms in DC2SIGNand DC2SIGNRamong drug users and HIV21 carriers. Chinese Journal of AIDS & STD. 14(1): 21-24, 2008.
  5. B. Pulendran, J. Miller, T. D. Querec, R. Akondy, N. Moseley, O. Laur, J. Glidewell, N. Monson, T. Zhu, H. Zhu, S. Staprans, D. Lee, M. A. Brinton, A. A. Perelygin, C. Vellozzi, P. Jr. Brachman, S. Lalor, D. Teuwen, R. B. Eidex, M. Cetron, F. Priddy, C. del Rio, J. Altman, R. Ahmed. Case of yellow fever vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease with prolonged viremia, robust adaptive immune responses, and polymorphisms in CCR5 and RANTES genes. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 198(4):500-7, 2008. .

Honors and Awards

  • Beijing Foreigner Distinguish Scientist Award, 2009
  • Royalty Research Fund Award, UW, 2003 o New Investigator Award, Center for AIDS Research, UW, 1998
  • The Artheur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS Award, 1995
  • Pro-Tec Containers, Inc. and Becton Dickinson Inc. Award, 1994

Last updated: 2/7/2012

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