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More About our UW Outreach Laboratory Testing Services

The University of Washington Department of Laboratory Medicine is one of the finest outreach laboratories in the United States. We receive specimens from across the country, but focus our efforts in Washington, Alaska and the rest of WWAMI region (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho). Here is a short list of our abilities:

  • Largest testing menu on the West Coast including:
    • Nationally recognized medical directors for every major testing division
    • Online laboratory test guide to UW laboratory testing
    • Largest menu of virology testing in the country including an extensive service dedicated to viral nucleic acid detection
    • Wide range of conventional microbiology testing (antibiotics, bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and parasites) and advanced molecular diagnosis in microbiology for organisms unidentifiable by conventional methods
    • State-of-the art flow cytometry in hematopathology with interpretation provided by world renown hematopathologists
    • Advanced Coagulation testing (URL) with interpretations by medical directors with special expertise in coagulation
    • Extensive chemistry menu including therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, nutritional assessment, tumor markers, and hormone analysis
    • Full line of clinical immunology testing including autoantibody panels, protein electrophoresis and tumor marker assessment
  • Computer interfaces for order entry and results to decrease laboratory errors and labor
  • Courier pickups available throughout the Puget Sound region, as well as Whatcom County
  • State-of-the art telephone call center with minimal or no wait times

Last updated: 10/08/2007