James Schacht

Business Entrepreneurship & Finance

What Makes a Leader Great?
Great leadership to me is not about being perfect or never making a mistake. It’s about relating, understanding, and accepting others well enough that it makes them better. When people sense their leader is doing something motivated by personal gains, they start to question the leader’s integrity. A leader should be wise, kind, ambitious, and a voice of the people he/she leads.

What is Your Leadership Style?
I am highly competitive; I want to win fairly because I dislike hollow victories and asterisks. I like to strategize; I like to outsmart, outthink, and think outside the box to accomplish my goals. I use kindness; comfort, encouragement, understanding and acceptance do wonders for how people trust you and view you as a leader. I see the potential of things; a vision of the end result. I like to make sure everyone sees it too if I’m in charge.

What Inspires You to Lead Others?
People have their insecurities, which is a powerful deterrent from giving the world their talents and potential. I lead people because some people need to be encouraged to be the best they can be. I am inspired to lead because I’m already confident I can do a great job.

Favorite Leadership Quote
“I’ll race you to the top.” -?