Lauren Belter


What Makes a Leader Great?
Their personality, style, enthusiasm, professionalism, quality, and impact.

What is Your Leadership Style?
I have a mixed style of leadership. I am first and foremost action-oriented. I am one who takes action and produces results, leads from the front, sets an example, does what is asked of others. At the same time, I could also be considered a theorist meaning one who analyses, uses models, produces explanations, compares other situations, and engages in intellectual debate.

What Inspires You to Lead Others?
Guiding and encouraging others to work hard or do the best possible job in any situation is satisfying to me when working on a task or project and it is completed to our best ability and in a timely manner. When being the leader of such a project, I enjoy having the responsibility to lead such a team who put in their best effort.

Favorite Leadership Quote
“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.” -Henry Kissinger