Melanie Robayo


What Makes a Leader Great?
A great leader has the ability to envision a clear, attainable goal to work toward. He or she is able to effectively communicate the vision and the plan to achieve this goal with team members. Overall, a great leader acts as the guiding hand for their fellow team members; one who steers the team in the direction of meeting their goal by bringing out the strengths in their team members. A great leader must also have substantial problem solving skills to overcome roadblocks along with a vivid imagination in order to envision what others have trouble conceptualizing and making those concepts real.

What is Your Leadership Style?
Being goal-oriented is at the foundation of my leadership style. When taking on the role of a leader, I like having a clear goal with a rigorous plan that will produce tangible results. I organize a plan to achieve the overarching goal. I need clarity and knowledge beforehand about each step the team will take toward reaching the goal. I’m a firm believer that results will only be as good as the plan put in place to attain them. I also value feedback from team members. Initially when interacting with team members, I tend to step back as a leader in order to listen to the ideas of others. After making my observations, I step in to give my opinion and concerns. By doing so I become an absorber and a reflector. As a leader, I like to use my imagination and then provide guidance.

What Inspires You to Lead Others?
Having the ability not only to influence others, but to also bring out their strengths, and what they can contribute to the completion of the goal motivates me to lead. I like to bring ideas to life together as a team knowing that I have the ability to impact others by setting a good example of what leadership is. By having the power to instill my leadership knowledge onto others makes me feel like I’m engaged in a worthwhile endeavor. Leading others to achieve success manifests an intrinsic reward that cannot be measured.

Favorite Leadership Quote
“The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there” – John Buchan