Vyacheslav Denega

BA in Business

What Makes a Leader Great?
A great leader is not only looked up to and respected but is also able to motivate others. A great leader is someone who is willing to change their ways if the need arrives. Employees and team members don’t fear a leader; they are able to work together to achieve the goal.

What is Your Leadership Style?
I like to use several styles, the most natural for me is a change-oriented leadership style. A change-oriented leader tries to promote exploration of new and better ways of doing things, or tries to uncover hidden potential in people, things or situations. Change-oriented leaders work towards a better future by trying things that are new and experimental.

What Inspires You to Lead Others?
I’m inspired to lead others because you can truly bring out the best in people. You can motivate someone to push their limits and satisfaction comes from watching them succeed.

Favorite Leadership Quote
“The only prerequisites to leadership are that you remain positive, calm, and open-minded.”
by Alexis Hunter